Stranger Things Font

When designing games, I can sometimes get caught up in the details and sometimes really caught up in the tiniest of details.  When I came across the article linked below, I was glad to know I'm not the only one who takes the time to get it right.

When creating a game, do some extra research, find the right look (including fonts), and pay attention to the details.  Not everyone playing your game will notice the extra effort, but you will know.  At the same time, remember, it is just a game so design for fun and not frustration.  In other words, a very fancy looking font that screams immersion for the time period might not be the right one if people have a difficult time reading it.

On a similar note, your brand image (for your business and for your games) should always stand out from other escape room businesses.  Along the lines of how you almost instantly recognize the Stranger Things font (no matter what text it uses), your branding should have a similar effect on your customers.

This blog post came about when trying to come up with an image for a discount.  I was actually thinking along the lines of July 4th / Independence Day but then I remembered the Stranger Things upcoming season.  The more I worked on the image the more I wanted it to look the right way.  When searching for a Stranger Things font on Google, not only did I find the font used but also the Time article linked below.  A word of caution, always be careful of the fonts you download (the one I got was purchased on  There is at least one non-licensed link to a font that I definitely don't recommend installing.

FONT (ITC Benguiat® Pro Bold):

To celebrate the upcoming season 3 of Stranger Things, all items in the store are 10% off (excluding game plans) through July 4th using code:  StrangerThings3

Here's the the link to the article about the Stranger Things font history: