Treasure of Blackbeard

Game Description:  "Treasure of Blackbeard" is a 30-minute portable game perfect for restaurants, conference rooms, popup tents, and more.  It is designed for 2-5 players and can be adapted for a fixed location (changing the duration and/or number of players).  

Story: You and your mates are always seeking new and exciting adventures! The latest challenge to catch your eye: a reward for finding a missing pirate medallion. Unfortunately, this was a trap and now you and your mates have been captured by a cursed Blackbeard and his crew. Your situation gets worse as there is not one but six medallions that need to be found and now, you as well have fallen under the curse as well. There is only 30-minutes to find all six medallions. If you do, you'll join the "brethren of the coast" for all sorts of adventures on the high seas.  If not, you'll be cursed for all time!

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